Hundreds Protest At Columbus Tea Party

By Chauncy Glover - bio | e-mail 

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - From Boston, to D.C. They partied like it was 1773.

And hundreds of protesters in Columbus didn't throw tea bags on the steps of the Government Center, but they displayed their message, loud and clear.

"We want to manifest our displeasure with the government as it stands. It is not cooperative," says, Hertsman Casa Blanca.

"We're fed up and tired of the hidden tax of inflation," says Ellen Gilmore.

One 5 year old's signed read, "I'm already in debt, stay out of my piggy bank."

Another sign read, "Born Free, taxed to death." T

It was clear folks were "Tea 'd" off and say they want Washington to tightened its belt too.

"We're having troubled paying our bills and we cut back expenses and we think the government should do the same," says one protester.

"I wish I had a picture of all the people responsible in Washington, but Obama's the figure head. Their just spending more money to fix the problem we got into with debt," she says.