Columbus Commission On Crime Prevention Reveals Its Comprehensive Plan

By Chauncy Glover - bio | e-mail 

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "We researched. We listened and we talked with law enforcement officials, judges and people in the community are knowledge on these issues," says Commission Liaison, Frank Myers.

And with that input, the Mayors Commission On Crime Prevention task force came up with five areas of emphasis, including recreation, education, community policing, drug prevention and employment.

"The work of the commission is designed to enhance what's already going on in Columbus and to expand some initiatives that will help these young people before little Johnny becomes a criminal," added Myers.

And the public seemed to agree.

Many folks coming forth, giving ideas on youth development and life after prison programs to help offenders become productive citizen's.

"The whole issue is the government is losing money by re-imprisoning people over and over again and if you don't do that, you save money," says one citizen.