Police discover meth lab in motel; meth problem persists

By Chris Vessell bio | email

VALLEY, AL (WTVM) - An early morning meth bust in Valley leaves three people behind bars. It's the latest in a number of meth busts that have become all too common.

Three drug suspects were arrested at the Rica Motel on Highway 29 during a Valley Police raid on Thursday morning. Valley Police say they observed known drug making components in plain view. This latest bust sent Robert Hunt, age 26, Harry Bales, age 30, and Bonnie Kirby, age 31, to jail.

It's not uncommon for methamphetamine users to seek medical aid from emergency rooms after putting their bodies through intense stress. "Long term, it's really sad because people become addicted to it, and they have wounds that are stinging, burning, itching. They will come in and pick at sores, they'll have sores all over their body," said Dr. Ron Shiver, an emergency room physician.

Meth is a highly addictive stimulant to the central nervous system. Compared to other drugs its cheap, and impoverished people in rural areas are often its victims. "It's very deceiving because it gives you a rush whether you snort it , shoot it or chew it up," Shiver said.

The effects can lead to convulsions that send addicts to emergency rooms. "You can pretty much prove it by a drug screen. You can look at them and tell, but you can pretty much prove it by a drug screen and try to get them help if they go," Shiver said.

The Chambers County Sheriff's office say at least 13 meth busts have been made in the county since January. Pharmacies are now required to keep certain drugs used to make methamphetamine behind the counter. Chambers County Sheriff Sid Lockhart says despite the drug's prevalence, the laws have led to a decrease in meth labs.