The End: Clean-Up Efforts for STICKS Country Music Festival

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - We've been talking about it all week, and sadly, it's over. The STICKS Country Music Festival in Auburn ended Saturday night, but that doesn't mean all the hard work is over. News Leader Nine headed out to Parker Hill to see how the day after is going for crews.

After two days of non-stop music, dancing and fun, the STICKS country music festival draws to a close.

"We are extremely pleased. We had over 20,000 people on Friday and 25,000 on Saturday," said The Director of Business Development for the event, David Lowitz.

Event coordinators put months of work into the event and the turn-out surpassed their expectations.

Lowitz told News Leader Nine, "We are thrilled with the way it went because the people who were here all left having a great time and when we asked if they wanted to come back next year and they said without a doubt, they'd be here."

The event promoter, David Adams added, "People had the best time. I don't think a single person didn't have the time of their life."

The event brought in thousands of dollars, and some of that money will go to help the community.

"A portion of the proceeds, we'll take that to buy literature and get it in the hands of people who want to put money behind building ball parks for towns that don't have them," said Adams. He says the organization hopes to help areas like Beauregard and Valley, "We brought a great event to the area and we're trying to keep the money here locally."

After all the fun is over, Lowitz told News Leader Nine, it's time for all the hard work to begin, "We've got light clean-up and the stage taken care of then tomorrow we'll get the serious crews in here. We hope within a week the property is up to snuff."

After they clean-up after the event, Lowitz says they're already preparing for the same event next year, "We brought an event here that is unparalleled and all we're going to do is make it bigger and better."