New Magnet Course Offered In Muscogee County

Good news for students interested in a career in Communication Arts and Design. The course will soon be an invaluable expansion of the Kendrick High School curriculum.

Monday night The Muscogee County School Board gave their approval. In addition to the core classes magnet students will gain work place, technical and interpersonal skills necessary to take on careers associated with the Graphic--Print Communications industry. "This is going to knowledge and give them the opportunity to look at colege prepatory curriculum as well as career technical education," says Principal Cleo Griswould.

Kendrick students will be the first to take the magnet course and then it will open up to students across the county.

At least 300 9th and 10th grade students surveyed showed a strong interest in Graphic Communications and Design.

The course will begin at Kendrick in the Fall.