Renter's insurance helps tornado damaged homes

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The tornado damaged several houses in the area, but not all the affected families were home owners. So that brings up the question: what do renters do when disaster strikes? News Leader Nine went searching for the answers.

"We just thought it was branches, we didn't know it was whole tree," Karen Stewart recalled.

When the storms knocked a tree into their rental property, the Stewart family quickly notified the company that owns the home. "They thought I was kidding. They said - oh, a little leak? And I said no - the roof is gone."

Flournoy and Calhoun Property Manager, Tom Calhoun told News Leader Nine, "There was only one house severely damaged. It rose to the level we call construction eviction where the house can't be repaired as the people live there."

Stewart said the damage to the home left the family stranded, "We'd have to move because it's going to be months, maybe a year before they get the house back together."

Calhoun added, "They were smart enough to have renter's insurance and they're in a hotel. We're going to try to relocate them to another place that's suitable for them."

You can't prevent natural disasters from happening, but you can make things easier by having renter's insurance.

"People who say they can't afford renter's insurance we tell them they can't afford not to. It's 15 or 20 dollars a month and it insures you up to 50 or $100,000," Calhoun advised.

And Stewart agreed, "Definitely if you're renting, get insurance because without it we'd be completely out."

The best way to protect your home, make sure you have renter's insurance. A lot of companies will double-up with the insurance you already have to save you money.

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