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WTVM on Twitter!

Did you know that you can follow WTVM on Twitter? Follow your favorite WTVM news anchor or reporter on Twitter and learn more about them, with minute to minute status updates:

WTVM - @wtvm

Holly Steuart, General Manager - @hstueart

Annie Hubbell, Reporter - @AHubbellWTVM

Barbara Gauthier, Anchor - @wtvmbarbara 

Brittany Dionne, Reporter - @BrittanyD_WTVM

Chandi Lowry, Anchor - @ChandiLowryWTVM

Chuck Leonard, Anchor - @chuckwtvm

Cheryl Renee, Anchor -@cherylreneewtvm

Dante Renzulli, Reporter - @drenzilliwtvm

Elizabeth White, Reporter - @ewhitewtvm

Jason Dennis, Anchor - @jasondenniswtvm

Roslyn Giles, Anchor/Reporter - @roslynwtvm

Sara Lim, Reporter - @SaraLim_WTVM

Semone Doughton, Anchor  - @semonedoughton

Weather - @wtvmweather

Sports – @wtvmsports

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