Police warn about X that looks like candy

28-year-old Jason Orr
28-year-old Jason Orr

CHEROKEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - On Wednesday night the Cherokee County Narcotics Unit arrested two men for unlawful possession and attempted distribution of ecstasy.

Twenty-eight-year-old Jason Orr of Gadsden, AL was arrested, however, the other suspect who is believed to be from the Gadsden area, has not been identified.  

The arrest occurred at the Leesburg Lodge Motel where 104 pills were recovered with a street value of $30.00 a piece -- a total street value of $3120. Also recovered was more than $7000 in cash. 

The pills were in the shape of the Simpson and Smurfs cartoon characters -- ranging from the colors of green, yellow, blue and orange.  These are the first pills of this description seen in the area. 

Police say the pills would be very enticing to young people and could be easily mistaken for children's vitamins or candy.

They add, parents, teachers, caregivers, and law enforcement agencies should be vigilant and keep a look out for pills of this type.

Ecstasy is a psychedelic drug that lowers a person's inhibitions to many things including sex.