Valley Police Chief Named in Claim

Thursday, another claim was filed against the city of Valley... the second in two weeks. The claim filed Tuesday afternoon by an attorney representing a minor child, alleges false imprisonment, assault and battery, negligence and mental anguish.

In two weeks, Chambers County Attorney, William Harris has served two claims against the city of Valley on behalf of two juveniles. The latest includes charges of false Imprisonment and assault and battery of a ten year old child after the child was brought to the police station for getting into a fight at school.

"The chief of police of Valley PD unlawfully touched this ten year old boy by poking him numerous times in the chest while he was in handcuffs. The boy's mother was actually present when this occurred and during that poking incident the child was told I can take you away from your mother and dad and make sure you never see them again," said Attorney Bill Harris.

The alleged incident happened back on January 22nd. No charges were filed against the boy.

The claim also cites negligence, stating the city of Valley was negligent in the hiring of Police Chief Michael Taylor. Taylor did not return our phone calls requesting a comment on the claim.

He remains on paid administrative leave, while an investigator, hired by the city, looks into a separate incident involving another juvenile matter.

Harris says says the city has 90 days to form a response to both claims. Weather or not a law suit is filed, will depend on that response.

Valley City Administrator Tim Bryan confirms the city did receive the claim late this afternoon and as their policy they have forwarded it on to their attorney at insurance carrier. Meanwhile, as far as the inquiry into the chief of police instigated by the mayor and city council last week, Bryan says that investigation continues tonight and no completion date has been set. We'll keep you updated.