Valley City Council discusses pending legal matters in private

April 27, 2009

By Chris Vessell bio | email

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The City of Valley continues to investigate claims of negligence and abuse, originating within its police department. At Monday's city council meeting, the second since the first claim was filed, the public was excluded from discussion on pending legal matters.

In just two weeks, a pair of claims have been filed with the city by parents on behalf of two juveniles. Both claims are reporting inappropriate action by members of the police department.

City council members went into an executive session to discuss what they are calling pending legal matters. Afterwards, the City Administrator said no action was taken during the session.

Chief Michael Taylor is still on administrative leave. The City has hired a private investigator who is conducting an internal inquiry into the claims filed. The City Administrator says there is currently no date set for the internal inquiry to be completed. There is no word on how long the Chief of Police will be on administrative leave.

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