Auburn University Student in Court for Assault

New details surfaced today about a fraternity fight on the Auburn University campus. The fight sent one student to the hospital with a fractured skull and another to jail on felony assault charges.

18-year old Zachary Quillen attended his probable cause hearing Tuesday. The teen faces felony assault charges stemming from a fight at the Sig Ep Fraternity House, where he's a member.

According to Investigator's, in the early morning hours of January 11th, this student, Taylor Jones and some friends entered a side door of the frat house for a party. Witnesses say Jones and another man were turned away and Jones was pushed by a fraternity member. Friends say Jones held up his middle finger as he was leaving. That's when witnesses saw Quillen, a Sig Ep member, sprinted to Jones and punched him in the face. Jones fell on the concrete and was knocked unconscious. Doctors say he fractured his skull, causing brain damage.

Investigators say Jones's friends and fraternity members hav differing opinions about who was the aggressor.Judge Michael Nix says it'll be up to a jury to decide which side they believed.

Quillen's attorney, Davis Whittelsey, says quote:

"No harm was intended and I'm hopeful this case will have a favorable resolution for both college kids involved."

After Tuesday's testimony, Jude Michael Nix decided there was enough evidence for the case to go to a Grand Jury. The District Attorney would only say the case will go before that Grand Jury on May 4th.

Quillen is out on bond.