Phenix City Streetscape Project Delayed

PHENIX CITY, AL (WXTX) -  Phenix City commuters continue to snake through roadwork on Broad Street thanks to the Streetscape Project, nearly two years in the making.

"I've seen bridges built faster than this strip of road. I don't fully understand why it's taken so long," said Catherine Bailey, with Don Bailey Auto Sales, located on Broad Street.

"We've been waiting a long time for it to be finished. You wait in line, cars back to back for a long time," added Katherine Anderson, a Phenix City resident.

Just last week, Fox 54 had been told by city officials the project would be done by May 1st but we found crews working on the road all day Friday.

The city's mayor and manager are out of town so they couldn't comment.

And even though Phenix City's Assistant Engineer declined to go on camera, he did confirm to WTVM the project is not complete.

So what is the city's reason for the delay? Engineers say recent rains have prevented workers from finishing up the project and that it should take a few more weeks to complete.

Frustrated residents and business owners in Phenix City say that's an answer they've heard before.

"I think they're here with us for life. They've been with us two years. I wish they would hurry up and finish because it has hurt businesses down here terribly," Bailey said.

"We just pray that they are concluding it now," said Anderson.

Phenix City's Assistant Engineer says the project should be completely finished within a month.

Crews are done work on the infrastructure and are now in the final cosmetic phase.

We're told once those cosmetic touches are done, engineers will get the new traffic lights on Broadway turned on and do last inspection of the project before they lift the cones.