Americus Teen Arrested for Kidnapping Baby

AMERICUS, GA (WXTX) - The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has arrested a teen for the kidnapping of a 10-month old baby.

GBI officials in Americus were alerted to a kidnapping Thursday night.

A mother who lives in Americus says she had given her baby to 17-year-old Erica Johnson to watch her for a couple of days, as a babysitter.

When she tried to contact Johnson, the teen cut off all contact, and refused to return her calls.

The GBI was able to locate the teen and the baby around 1:00 Friday morning, in Lumberton, North Carolina.

The GBI says Johnson brought the baby to Columbus, then to North Carolina, and told people there the baby was hers.

The baby was returned to mother, and Johnson has been arrested, charged with Kidnapping.

She is waiting to be extradited back to Georgia, where she will be charged as an adult.