Salvage Yard Spike

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | e-mail | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - You may not call it crushing the competition, but AAA Auto Parts Plus Ownder Ken Flake says sales at his salvage yard are going pretty good.

"Business has been really on the upswing, we've probably doubled in sales on used products," says Flake.

Flake says customers are simply searching for products at a cheaper price.

"Used alternators, used compressors, used radiators, instead of buying them new," says Flake.

In addition, Flakes says it's not just high dollar parts that consumers get lower prices on.

"If somebody has a broken door handle we may have the door handle, it may cost $75 at the dealership and we'll sell it to you for $20 or $25."

While at AAA, we met one customer Charlie Murphy who was on the hunt for a tire rim.

"It was something that I needed and I didn't want to pay a new price for it," says Murphy who owns a landscaping service.

He says he saves more with salvaged parts.  "I would say you save at least 35 to 40%."

Flake says consumers are also trying to make a little money by cashing in on their old cars.

"Our phone rings daily, I mean we may on some days, we may buy anywhere from 10 to 15 cars," adds Flake.

The price consumers are paid depends on the year, make, model and condition of the vehicle.

Flake says the later the better.  If workers can remove and sell parts, that pays more, followed by what can be used for metal, and then crushing.

Either way, Flake says it will be worth something,  and these days, every dollar counts.

Despite Flake's business boon, the auto salvage business isn't quite recession proof for everyone.

We spoke with several other stores in the area, some said business has been steady, while another said, he's actually seen a decline.