Special Report: Something Old, Something New

By Lindsey Connell - bio | e-mail | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  For many brides and grooms, all they need to tie the knot is the traditional "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue."

But others are taking the wedding custom to a whole new level, dropping thousands not only on the gown and tux but also on a new look.

"You want pictures that are going to look good and that you look good in," said one bride.

"You have to show a little bit more skin. A lot of the dresses are strapless and there's the shorter t-length dresses. You want to look your best. It's not just your face and upper body you're concerned with but your legs and arms," said Lisa Newman who got married last summer.

And according to local plastic surgeons, the happy couple aren't the only ones opting for a little nip and tuck before the big day.

"We have seen a few people who are preparing for their wedding or to be in a wedding party and are getting little touch-ups needed to get ready for that special gown or dress," said Doctor Vincent Naman of Chattahoochee Plastic Surgery.

"The most common procedure we see brides and bridesmaids for is breast enhancement whether it be breast lift or breast augmentation. We see grooms more on the skin issues- they may need some resurfacing of their skin and for some, laser hair removal as well," said Doctor Ashish Jain of Jain Plastic Surgery.

But not everyone gearing up for upcoming nuptials is going under the knife. There are a variety of less invasive facial procedures patients are choosing to perk up their look.

"We're seeing brides, mothers of the bride, mothers of the groom and fathers are coming in and maybe they just need a good facial or men get Botox too so we're seeing some of that also," said Angie Hunt, Nurse Injector for Doctor Jain.

Laser treatments are also on the rise, including cutting edges procedures like the profractional laser.

"It's one of the newest technologies with laser. It treats texture, the elasticity of the skin and it's really great at treating acne scars. We've had a lot of patients come in to prepare for their wedding," said Marie White, Laser Technician for Doctor Jain.

Including Jean Arrighi who is getting hitched next summer. She's used the laser and fillers to shed years off her face.

"I'm not a young bride and I'd like to look as good as I can for my wedding day. I've had profractional laser, I've had Botox and I've had Restylane. I don't think it changes my appearance. I just think it makes me look better," Arrighi said.

"My son is getting married in August and my daughter will be getting married in June of 2010. I've had Botox, fillers and the profractional laser. Everything to prepare to make me look refreshed," said Truby Tillery.

"I had the sclerotherapy which is the treatment for spider veins on the legs. Even though I'm young, I'm 25, I have a lot of spider veins from playing sports and a lot of ladies who cross their legs get them behind their knees. Being that I was getting married on the beach, I didn't want the spider veins to be really prominent," added Lisa Newman.

Dr. Naman and Dr. Jain say a lot of brides and grooms are footing the bill for their surgeries.

But for others they're a wedding gift from relatives and that'll cost you more than the traditional toaster or towel set.

"Breast augmentations will run from $3900 to $4900 depending if you use saline or silicone implants. Tummy tucks are in the mid $5000 range. Liposuction can run anywhere from $2-3000 to $5-6000 depending on how many areas are being worked on. Botox and some of the fillers we use can be done as low as $3-400 dollars," Dr. Naman explained.

But for many, looking good and feeling good on that special day is priceless.

"It was worth every penny. I work every day and I want to look the best I can," Arrighi added.

If you are interested in having a procedure done, Columbus plastic surgeons recommend patients come to them at least three months before the wedding.

You want to have enough time for a consultation, surgery and recovery.

For Botox treatments, surgeons suggest you have it done a couple of weeks before an event.

If you want to know the going rate for a particular procedure, you can go to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons' web site for a breakdown by region: http://www.plasticsurgery.org/ or http://www.surgery.org/.

Keep in mind that the actual price for a procedure is based on the needs of each individual patient. A personalized consultation with a plastic surgeon will yield your actual price.