Auburn Fires Under Investigation

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Thursday, investigators are back at the Tuscany Hills subdivision in Auburn.  Flames riped through and destroyed four homes there Wednesday.

"We are following the evidence and seeing where the evidence carries us," explained Auburn Fire Chief Lee Lamar.

Thursday, investigators dug for evidence, under a pile of ash. Auburn fire fighters, a police detective and agents with the State Fire Marshal's office began their search for answers as to how and why a fire burned down four homes in the Tuscany Hills Subdivision early Wednesday morning.

"We are cleaning off debris and looking for indicators as to what might have started the fire," said Lamar.

Chief Lamar says investigators are looking for burn patterns on the homes concrete pads.

"Primarily what we are looking for today is aport of origin in the building if we can identify that we really start paying attention to that area and trying to determine the cause," said the chief.

While Thursday's search, did uncover more clues, Chief Lamar says they are not ready to make a determination on what caused the fire. Meaning they aren't ready to say if it was accidentally started or intentionally set.

"We are trying not to job to any conclusions. We don't want to mess up a potential case," he said.

If you have any information you would like to share with investigators, please call Auburn fire or Auburn police.