Sheriff issues lewd act advisory

Press Release

QUITMAN COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - Quitman County Sheriff Steve Newton said that lewd and obscene behavior will not be tolerated at public parks within the county and issues a warning to those participating in that type of conduct.

The Sheriff's Office has increased patrols in all public parks within the county in an effort to stop the lewd conduct that has apparently escalated over the past few months and prompted a number of citizen complaints.

"Individuals caught engaging in sexual acts or obscene behavior in any public area will be arrested and charged," said Sheriff Steve Newton.

In addition to extra patrols, the Sheriff's Office will utilize cameras and officer surveillance to aid them in stopping the problem. Most of the complaints stem from same-sex encounters occurring within the restroom or automobiles parked near-by.

"Our parks are for families and sportsmen, not for the type of activity we've seen and had reported. A person should be able to use the public facilities without being hit on by perverts or having to witness this type of behavior," said Chief Deputy Eddie Ingram.

The Sheriff's Office said that the majority of male participants are residents outside of Quitman County and range in age from 30 to 70 years-old. A person arrested for any sexual offense can expect their name, photograph, and charges to be released to the public.

"You'd think that adults would meet somewhere in private rather than a public park", added Sheriff Newton.