Every 3rd grader at Pine Ridge Elementary passes CRCT

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail | Twitter

ELLERSLIE, GA (WTVM) - Kids are taking a sigh of relief after finishing the criterion referenced competency test -- or CRCT. As many students wait for the results, one Harris County school is already celebrating.

The students at Pine Ridge Elementary have reason to celebrate because after months of preparing for the CRCT, every third grader passed.

Principal Debbie Korytaski told News Leader Nine, "We had no students in third grade fail the test. Every student met or exceeded the standard and we're thrilled with the news."

This proud principal knows the accomplishment wouldn't be possible without the help of everyone, "We are so excited and proud of the teachers and students. They've been diligent in preparing for the test and also we have a great base of parental support here at Pine Ridge."

Third Grade teacher Donna Crooks added, "It shows these students have worked very hard all year and it's a true testament to our Pre-K through 2nd grade programs. It's a test that shows they've learned through all those years. It's not just 3rd grade. We share this achievement with all the teachers."

And of course the 100 third grade students deserve to pat themselves on the back.

"Everyone passed so everyone's excited and happy and no one has to retake it," said third grade student Olivia Gauthier. Her classmate Jacob Bullock added, "When we passed the teachers kept congratulating us and we all got to go outside for a little longer."

But they weren't the only grade level that rocked the standardized test. Korytaski said, "We received the results first for 3rd and 5th grades. We had a very slim number who did not meet the standard, so we plan to re-test next week." In fact, only 18 fifth graders will have to re-test.

As for the third graders, they're ready to enjoy the summer and are gearing up for fourth grade.

"We are going to be doing a lot of cursive and more multiplication and division," Olivia told News Leader Nine.

Not only does this mean none of the students will have to re-test but they'll see all their friends next year in fourth grade.