Retesting For The CRCT

The retest for the Criterion Referenced Competency Test or CRCTcrct began Monday in Muscogee County.

About 2,600 students in grades three, five and eight failed part of the C-R-C-T back in April.

According to Muscogee County School Administrators failing the retest doesn't necessarily mean the student will be retained. But says an appeals process must take place. "Once they go through that appeals process they will look at the Review Committee will be formed. The review panel will look at the students academic work and how they performed throughout the year. So it's not solely based on CRCT because sometimes kids just don't test well,"says School District Spokesperson, Valerie Fuller.

According to Fuller an Individual Education Plan or I.E.P is created for students who are promoted after taking the retest and for those who are retained. She says this plan helps students become academically successful.

CRCT retesting also began Monday in Harris County.