Pro's And Con's Of School Uniforms

If there's any benefits to wearing school uniforms students, teachers and faculty at Clubview Elementary would know. Clubview has been a uniform school for a little more than a decade. "I'd rather wear the uniforms to school than choosing my own clothing because I might not know what to wear because I might be scared sometimes going to laugh at my favorite t-shirt,"says Clubview student Anna Vankley.

According to a school uniform website, advocates for the policy say that uniforms can help restore order to unruly classrooms, foster more adherence to discipline, improve self-esteem among the students and invoke a higher feeling of school pride. People against the policy say uniforms inhibit individuality and are a hindrance to freedom of expression.

Clubview student Chyna Easterling says, "I think it's ok. I like the uniforms, but I think on some special occasions we might wear something that we want to." "Sometimes they complain about it. They want to wear clothes they just bought which are the new fads, but they understand the importance of what everybody is feeling like a member of a group,"says Clubview Principal Adele Lindsey.

Being part of that special group is something a lot of the students support. "I prefer wearing uniforms. It's a lot easier because I can concentrate more on what I'm doing instead of like showing off like a lot of people do,"says Clubview student Kashigo Meade.

319 Britt David parents voted yes to school uniforms while only 66 of them voted no. 99% of Britt David teachers supported the idea.

The new dress code will take effect in the Fall of 2009.