CRCT Re-Test Results

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Local students are breathing a sigh of relief this week because the CRCT's are finally over for schools. So how did your child's school do on the standardized tests?

Fox 54 breaks down the numbers in Muscogee County and looks at which schools came out on top, and which ones still need work.

Muscogee County School District's Communication Director Valerie Fuller explained, "Right now we have the preliminary data. We've received that and it tells us the number of students that need to re-test."

The first set of CRCT stats are in and News Leader Nine wanted to find our which schools scored the highest and lowest. Students at Britt David Elementary saw their hard-work pay off. The school's principal, Ronie Collins said, "All our students in all grades passed reading -- that's 1st through 5th. We had all 1st through 5th pass math except for one sweet friend that retook the test."

Collins says the work of the whole school over the years is responsible for the high percentage of passing students, "This is my eighth year and we really brought the bar up each year. We just keep getting better, so that's exciting for us."

After seeing the results for other schools in the area, Collins says it's apparent everyone is still working hard, "All the schools work really hard. I have wonderfully dedicated teachers. We have a great home and school connection with the parents. And we are an engaging school so we work hard in finding engaging lessons."

Midland Middle School students also did well. They scored the highest in the county in math.

Amanda Campbell, the school's Math Department Chair and sixth grade math teacher told Fox 54, "It's nice to know our hard work paid off. We have wonderful students here at Midland. The teachers work hard to collaborate together to make sure we're all on the same page: sharing activities, making sure plans and tests are the same."

Campbell also thinks the determination of the students can be thanked for the success rate, "I think the kids care and want to do well. They work hard and ask for help when they need it."

But not all schools had a high percentage of passing students. More than 43 percent of third graders at Fox Elementary failed the reading portion, almost 69 percent of Marshall Middle schoolers failed the math part and a shocking 77 percent of fifth grade students at Rigdon Road Elementary had to re-take the CRCT in math.

Valerie Fuller says the lower scoring schools have to face the challenge varying age groups and skill levels, "Each year it's a challenge because different students are tested and teachers are still learning."

She also says the high failing numbers shouldn't make parents worry, as re-test results have not come back yet, "We have a lot that passed the test and some just don't test well. We want to make sure they get the proper remediation so they can take that test again."

"Through tests like the CRCT we can look at the results of the test and say here's where we need more work, and here's where the focus needs to be with this group of students or this particular grade level and move forward from that," Fuller added.

Results from the re-test should be available in the next few weeks so we can see the final standings of all the schools.

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