New facility helps students and job market

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The job market may seem bleak, but Columbus Technical College is doing its part to ensure their graduates have more job options. News Leader Nine attended the ribbon cutting of a new facility that will help students and the community.

In a speech before the ribbon cutting, Columbus Chamber of Commerce President Mike Gaymon announced, "Manufacturing is not dead in our region and today's announcement is an example of that."

That announcement is the opening of the Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence at Columbus Technical College.

"This center is a state-of the art, cutting edge, leading technology in the skill sets needed for the jobs of today and of tomorrow," Gaymon told News Leader Nine.

This facility will give students the hands-on experience to prepare for future jobs.

President of Columbus Technical College, Bob Jones said, "The things we're teaching here will make sure our citizens or people that come here will have that advanced knowledge and those critical skills to handle that manufacturing."

And Gaymon says it will bring more businesses to The Valley, "We will use this as another reason why we believe we can attract manufacturing companies to this region. One of the first things they want to know about is not about the building or the land, the fiber optics, water, sewer; those things are important but usually at the top of that list is: tell me about your workforce."

Jones added, "Having people that are trained in modern technology and the manufacturing process will always help that case when you try to bring manufacturers who are looking to expand or bring that company to Columbus."

The Advanced Manufacturing Center is part of a $3 million grant from the Governor's Office of Workforce Development. More than a million of that was earmarked for Columbus Tech, and went towards building this facility.

Through this department, students can prepare for jobs coming with BRAC, Kia and other high-tech companies coming to the Columbus area.