Michael Registe to be Extradited

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - FBI agents are now packing their bags for St. Maarten, after the Supreme Court of the Netherlands approved the extradition of accused double murder Michael Jason Registe.

All they are waiting for now is a signature from the Governor of the Netherlands Antilles, expected to come sometime this week, according to the Chief of the Governors' Cabinet.

St. Maarten officials have already started planning the secure transfer of Registe from country to country with FBI agents as soon as possible.

"How long does it take to fly from Georgia to St. Maarten? We will notify them as soon as the paperwork is done, and they will prepare to come here and pick him up," said Taco Stein, Chief Prosecutor for the Windward Islands.

Even though it seems the end of the extradition process is near, there may be one potential hiccup.

Registe's lawyers say they plan on filing an injunction to stop the extradition from taking place.

It's a first for local prosecutors, who have never seen this happen--but they doubt a judge will grant the request.

"This will be heard by a judge in the Court of First Instance. It would be hard for that judge to go against a ruling of the Supreme Court. I will ask the judge to rule ASAP, because frankly, we are fed up with him. I need the cell space, it's as simple as that," said Stein.

Tuesday's decision lifted a weight off the shoulders of the families of Bryan Kilgore and Randy Newton, who Registe allegedly shot execution-style outside the Cross Creek Apartments on Steam Mill Road back in July of 2007.

They have been waiting for this day with mixed emotions.

"It's been a long ordeal for all the families and now, this is just part two of the nightmare. I really want to know why he felt it necessary to take two lives from this world," said Janice Taylor, the mother of Brian Kilgore.

Registe most likely will be flown into Atlanta or Columbus, then transported to the Muscogee County Jail by U.S. Marshalls, who will eventually turn Registe over to the custody of local sheriff's deputies.

Since the case has already been indicted, prosecutors say Registe's first appearance in front of a judge will be an arraignment hearing, and the evidence against him will not be released until the trial.