Employees fight back and catch suspect

By Elizabeth White - bio | email | Twitter

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - Employees at Thomas Pharmacy in Opelika are being credited with helping police capture a robbery suspect.

Tuesday afternoon, 33-year-old Jason Glenn walked inside Thomas Pharmacy, and handed an employee a note.

"He entered the prescription department and handed a note to the pharmacist at the counter the note said I'm an addict and I want Oxycontin and I don't want to hurt anybody," explained owner Roger Burnett.

Startled, the employee called for help and got it from a nearby pharmacist.

"He bear hugged him in order to keep him from using a weapon. He did have a knife in his back pocket and one of our employees Pam saw it in his back pocket and pulled ito out and tossed it aside. A scuffle ensued and about 4 or 5 people jumped on top of him and brought him down to the floor until police arrived," he explained.

Glenn was arrested and charged with robbery first degree. Burnett is calling his employees heros.

"He needed to be caught and put behind bars before he hurt himself or somebody else. He was desperate and they can harm people out of desperation," said Burnett.

While Opelika police are pleased they have a suspect in custody and agree people have a right to defend themselves and their property, they would never recommend anyone taking on an armed person.