More Bones Found Along Interstate

HARRIS COUNTY, GA (WXTX) -  The investigation continues in Harris County after a hunter found a human skull and bones on Memorial Day near the Pine Mountain exit for Interstate 185.

All day Wednesday, GBI investigators and volunteer firefighters from across the area continued searching the woods along Interstate 185 near the Harris and Troup County line, in and around the area the remains were originally discovered.

"We're concentrating in the area right there around the remains and we're expanding out from here so it's a large wooded area. We did find an additional portion of the remains this morning. It was a pelvic bone. They're continuing their search at this time for additional remains," said Special Agent in Charge Rodney Wall with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

So far this week, a portion of a skull, leg bones and pelvic bones have been found at the Pine Mountain crime scene off Highway 18.

Investigators say they've have been there for at least a year.

When it comes to identifying the remains, police say they'll consider local missing persons cases.

Like the case of 61-year-old Alton Moss from Meriwhether County who was last seen in 2005. Investigators believe foul play was involved in his disappearance.

Then, there's the case of Pamela Hixson who left her Talbot County home 3 years ago and hasn't been seen since.

In Harris County, authorities are still looking for 28 yr old Christopher Thompkins, who was last seen walking away from his job site in Ellerslie in 2002.

"There's missing persons cases in this area that we know of that working out of this office but there's also missing persons cases that we're aware of throughout the state. And we'll also have to consider any cases that are across the line into Alabama," added Special Agent Wall.

The GBI expects to wrap up their search tonight or tomorrow.

Then the bones will be sent to the State Crime Lab in Atlanta for identification.

There, an anthropologist will review them to determine the age, race and sex of the person.

That will take time- just how long investigators can't say but they hope the discovery will one day be able to give a family closure.