Accused rapist, Guy Baker, caught

By Chauncy Glover - bio | email | Twitter

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL  (WTVM) -  Guy Baker -- cuffed and heavily guarded and decked out in camouflage.  Russell County Sheriff Deputies say 41-year-old Guy Baker was dressed for survival of the outdoors.

He was arrested after family members contacted sheriff deputies. Baker allegedly held his girlfriend captive in his home for the past two weeks.  

Investigators tell us Baker hid in the woods eating berries and drinking muddy water.

"He had been in the woods all that time," said Sergeant Grover Goodrich. Deputies arrested Baker at his home and brought him to the Russell County Jail.

Since Friday, the massive search has been on for the accused rapist, after deputies say he kidnapped and sexually assaulted his 58-year-old girlfriend. Allegedly, raping and sodomizing her during the captivity.

His neighbor says, out of fear, she stopped her routine walk in their Stewart Road community.

"My husband told me to be safe and don't walk until they catch him. We were scared because this is the second time I've received a notice from police," she added.

All around town, Bakers face is plastered on flyers reading Wanted Armed and Dangerous.

"He said when we handcuffed him, you don't have to do that because there's no where I can go. My picture is all over the community and everybody's looking for me," said Goodrich.

Sgt. Goodrich says Baker called 911 Wednesday afternoon.

"He said he had injured himself and was having chest pains. His family contacted us and said he was back home," added Goodrich.

"He just said there was no where to go. You all and the community, everybody did a great job by making this guy feel he didn't have an alternative, but to give himself up," says Goodrich.

And for that Baker's neighbor is thankful.

"I feel a little bit safer now. I don't have to be scared to get out of my car," she remarked.

Baker's is expected to appear for a hearing Friday morning at 9:00 in the old Russell County Courthouse building.