Childcare Referral Service

ATLANTA, GA (WXTX) - You can pick up the phone to dial information, or even order a pizza and now you can find daycare for your kids.

The state of Georgia is making it easier for you to find a safe and reliable place for your children to stay. Now there's a new phone number that will get you in touch with childcare providers.

Quality Care for Children just launched a brand new hotline -- 877-ALL-GA-KIDS-- that parents all over the state can use to find the best childcare facility in their area. You call the number and the service puts you in touch with thousands of early education services.

Pam Tatum is the CEO of Quality Care for Children in Atlanta, Georgia. She told News Leader Nine, "Demand for childcare in our state is growing and about 64 percent of families have at least one child in childcare. Times are tough, the economy is not good, families are struggling to make ends meet and it's forcing them to make difficult choices. We want to help those people make the best choice for their family."

Previously the non-profit organization operated with 14 call centers all over the state, but this new phone number will take the place of all those services. If you'd like more information about quality care for children,  visit their website at