NCR Starts Hiring

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - If you're looking for a job: heads up! A Fortune 500 company is moving to Columbus, and they have hundreds of positions to fill. NCR is bringing 870 jobs to the Valley.

NCR plans to have the old Mutec battery plant converted and producing ATM's and other self-check-out systems by October of 2009.

The Chairman of the Columbus Development Authority, Dick Ellis told Fox 54 "We've got to structure the building, we're fast tracking that. Becca Hardin with the Chamber is heading that up with the team to get them operational. It's critical in order to make their time table."

NCR's Senior Vice-President of Global Operations, peter Dorseman says it was that willingness to speed things along that helped in choosing Columbus for the manufacturing plant, "We are on a very aggressive timeline. It's important for us to be up and running and providing our customers with products out of that facility by the end of this year."

Officials project 500 of the 870 jobs coming to the area will be filled within the next three years.

"To have this major impact in the economy is going to be a coo for people who may be out of work or displaced or looking for an enhanced opportunity," said Becca Hardin, the Executive Vice-President of Economic Development.

These jobs would be especially beneficial for those who were laid off by Cessna, Panasonic or other manufacturers that moved overseas.

Hardin added, "We're looking at assemblers, warehouse distribution and even R & D and engineers. We'll have jobs across the board."

And those jobs are expected to pay well. Positions at NCR's new plant are planning to pay 40-thousand dollars or more a year.

The Georgia Department of Labor has stepped up to help NCR with the hiring process. The State Labor Commissioner, Michael Thurmond, says that the application process has already begun for the company.

He also says our local Department of Labor has the largest workforce database in the state and they are already contacting people laid off from Cessna and other manufacturers that let employees go.

The Georgia Department of Labor District 1 Director, Mikell Fryer, told Fox 54, "Because of the downturn in our market and our economy we have a lot of qualified workers out there. That's one of the reasons they chose Columbus as a place to locate. I think that we'll find all the people they need to work that timeline."

With their aggressive approach to get the manufacturing plant up and running by the end of the year, NCR is accepting applications for 53 of the current 88 production jobs.

The company says they have a set number of hires in mind for each month for the rest of the year to keep the process moving forward.

The Fortune 500 company has been around for 125 years and have quite an impressive history. The company was founded by John Patterson as the National Cash Register Company in 1884. In 1914 NCR developed one of the first automated credit systems and in 1968 one of their employees invented liquid crystal displays -- what we know today as LCD screens. The company commercialized the first bar code scanners in 1974.