NCR Relocation Costs

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - 872 jobs are coming to Georgia, but before NCR puts residents to work, they need to get the manufacturing facility up and running.

Fox 54 wanted to find out how much that would cost, and where the city is looking to get that money.

When Columbus was trying to convince NCR to leave their Dayton, Ohio headquarters and move south, they were not only competing with other states, but it became an international competition.

The Columbus Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice-President of Economic Development, Becca Hardin said, "It wasn't just a run of the mill approach we had to take to win this project. We had to get very creative and aggressive to keep the company's attention."

Back in February when the city started their talks with NCR, the Chamber of Commerce began working closely with the Economic Development Administration to request $5.5 million in stimulus money for the project.

"We didn't have a final number from the EDA and wouldn't have it for another month or so, but we had to close the deal. We went to the Mayor and city council who got creative and aggressive to try to win the project. And they committed to be the backstop in case we didn't get the EDA funds we requested," Hardin added. "We're very optimistic, even if we don't get the $5.5 million level we will get some level from the Federal Government because this is a classic project that the President had in mind when he created the stimulus funding initiative."

NCR has talked to a local construction company for the restructuring of the old Mutec battery plant. Production is expected to kick-off later this month.