Sites You Can Use - June 4, 2009

We all love freebies, and there are plenty of them online. It's music to your ears at Pick a genre -- from pop, to metal, latin and more, browse the collection of free legal downloads and click to enjoy.

If you're into gaming, you'll find a screenfull at Take advantage of some free fun by playing popular hits like Bejeweled. Or, earn some big money, while saving some.

It's free stuff galore on, use the blog site to scoop the latest free samples.

You'll find scented candles, or even doughnuts. cooks up some deals and steals, as well, including hot giveaways -- like a miracle blanket or leg hugger.

And, for more, don't forget to check out those fast freebies. You'll find more free stuff, but especially useful savings advice, including killer discounts - on The aol site, highlights the "best deal i ever got," "latest deal from the web," and blog posts about saving some green.

And, a free education isn't out of the question either. features thousands of video lectures from some the world's top scholars.