74 locals training for AFLAC Iron Girl

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email | Twitter

MIDLAND, GA (WTVM) - Most of us have trouble motivating ourselves enough to go to the gym, but 74 local women are training for a triathlon later this month. News Leader Nine caught up with the group during their training.

When asked what motivated these women to compete in the AFLAC Iron Girl, second year competitor, Mary Daniel said, "My friends forced me into it. I thought about it and I wanted to get more active and they talked me into it and I'm glad they did."

Robbie Bollinger agreed, "It gets me out of the house and it gets me off the couch. It actually gets me in an exercise routine which I'm bad about getting out of that habit. It's been great."

For first timer, Buffy Swinehart, mastering one sport was tough, but adding two more events proved to be a challenge, "I've always enjoyed running but definitely swimming and biking are out of my comfort zone."

Tri-athlete Jennifer Brinson said running, swimming and biking as a group eases the burden, "It was nice to actually have a group of girls that I would commit to and say yes, I'll be there Saturday morning at 7 o'clock to ride 18 miles."

After crossing that finish line last year, the returning competitors want that feeling of accomplishment again.

"Knowing you pushed yourself to your furthest physical limit is something I haven't done before and it's emotional," said Daniel.

Bollinger added, "It was hard. During the whole thing I thought am I going to finish? When I did it was the greatest experience I'd ever felt. It was a great feeling."

And all their hard work will pay off when they cross that finish line at the AFLAC Iron Girl Challenge on June 28th.