Georgia Supreme Court says citizens have right to sue

(WTVM) -- The Georgia State Supreme Court says Columbus residents do have a right to sue the city.

The decision, which overturns the rulings by Superior Court Judge Doug Pullen and the state appeals court,  stems from a lawsuit filed by David Rothschild, a former member of the Muscogee County Library Board.

He and others claimed that residents were promised a park in the campaign for a 1999 sales tax referendum.

The suit was orginally dismissed by Superior Court Judge Doug Pullen, who ruled the plantiffs did not have the authority to sue the government.

But, in the decision, published by the court Monday, Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears states "we conclude the trial court erred by resolving the standing issue by a preliminary hearing on the issue of the merits of the appellants' claim and that the Court of Appeals erred in affirming the trial court's judgment."

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