Remodeling for NCR

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - NCR is gearing up for the move to Columbus, and Columbus is working to get their new home ready. Columbus Chamber of Commerce is working with the company to make sure construction on the old Mutec battery plant kicks off soon.

If NCR wants to be operating by the end of the year, there's work to be done on the building they plan to call home.

The Executive Vice-President of Economic Development, Becca Hardin told News Leader Nine, "NCR is managing the construction and the build-out of the building. We hope to be in there knocking down walls the week of June 15th. Actually they've hired CB Richards Ellis to be their general construction management team and they've sent out RFP's already on construction."

Not only will the new company bring jobs to the area, but renovations to the building will also employ residents.

"Chamber members want to keep the business, as much as we can, in our community. Ultimately it's NCR's decision. They put the work out to bid, but we've done all we can to keep business in the city as much as possible," said Hardin.

The Mutec battery plant may look like the perfect place to house NCR, but according to plans, the building will have to be gutted to fit the company's needs, "We're taking the building down to the frame. We're adding on to it and there will be a second phase that will start at the end of next year, 2010, where we're going to build another building with them," Hardin explained.

This may seen like an overly ambitious plan, but development officials, like Hardin are confident with the timeline, "We've got a 100 day plan and we must be in the building and operating the first lines by the end of October."

City planning and construction representatives were on-site Monday to begin planning of the remodeling process. Construction on the new NCR plant is expected to start next week.