Lee County Detention Facility Goes Green

Lee County, Alabama (WTVM) The Lee County Detention Center will make history this week, when it becomes the first facility of its kind to harness the power of the sun, through dozens of solar panels.

"I'm pretty sure this is the first application of this type at a a detention facility, certainly in the state of Alabama and perhaps in the Southeast," said Sheriff Jay Jones.

The Sheriff's office, County Commission and Auburn University worked together to bring green power to hopefully save green paper. A 200-thousand dollar ADECA grant and 50-thousand dollars from the county commission paid for 64 solar panels to be placed on the facilities roof.

"Fuel costs are going up dramatically certainly everyone is aware f that this os something that will help us off set some of those costs as time goes by.Eventually it will start paying back the money it took to set it up," said Jones.

The panels can generate 15 kilowatts of energy, about 8 percent of the total energy used to power the building.

"It can be used every day. As long as the sun is out we are in good shape," explained Jones.