Parents accused of killing infant indicted

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) -  No one knows for sure what happened the night Mckenzy Debelbot died.

Her parents, Albert and Ashley Debelbot, say they didn't do anything wrong, but police, and now a grand jury, feel they did.

"I don't know what happened to that baby, I wasn't there, but I feel it would take extreme force to cause the injuries the baby suffered," said Bill Thrower, the Muscogee County Coroner.

Medical examiners say those injuries resembled what would happen if the baby was thrown out of a three story building.

Pediatricians say severe trauma like that can happen easily if infants are mistreated.

"Children suffer a variety of injuries because of the parent's lack of knowledge, or more commonly, because they are frustrated," said Dr. Joseph Zanga, the head of Pediatrics at Columbus Regional.

Dr. Zanga has not been involved in this case, but says he's dealt with many parents before who aren't prepared for the constant care and attention a child needs.

When the baby cries, like all newborns do, stress can surface and sometimes turn deadly.

"They shake it, and they shake with a great deal of violence because they are frustrated and angry. You don't want to abuse your child because your upset or frustrated or not sure what to do next. Unfortunately, parents don't understand that," said Dr. Zanga.

This is not an isolated case in Muscogee County... according to the coroner, 2 baby deaths were found to be homicides in 2007.

That number rose to four in 2008.

Since their arrest, the Debelbots have been held in the Muscogee County Jail, and that is where they will remain until their trial, which has yet to be scheduled.