Cooper Creek to Get New Management

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  It is one of the biggest of its kind in the country and the 30 clay court complex at Cooper Creek Park in Columbus has even nabbed national awards.

But one thing is starting to become obvious to the thousands of tennis players that take to the public courts off Milgen Road.

"The court conditions could be better," said one player.

The unique courts require special maintenance and that's work the city says one local organization may be better qualified to provide.

They're called CORTA- the Columbus Regional Tennis Association. City officials and members of the nonprofit organization are in talks to transfer management of the park's tennis complex.

"What we would like to do as an organization is continue to run it as a city park, city facility, managed by the city, reporting to the city but run by a volunteer organization," said Nancy Prescott, President of the CORTA Board.

But there's two sides to the story. Columbus Parks & Recreation does have several full and part-time positions at the facility. The jobs wouldn't be lost if management changes but workers would be transferred- a change some employees tell WXTX they don't support.

Meanwhile, CORTA leaders say they're ready to take on the role and make it one less thing for the city to handle.

"Our hope is that it would be a win/win situation. We have over 3000 members and those members are citizens of Columbus and everyone, I believe, is dedicated to making sure that we have a wonderful place for people to play tennis," Prescott said.

Members who pay annual dues to the Cooper Creek Tennis Center are still being surveyed in order to get their opinion on the matter.

Once officials have all of that input, the issue will be brought back to the mayor and city council in the next few weeks.