Way to Save: No more expired food

Columbus, GA (WTVM)---Depending on the week, it's possible to throw out $10.00 to $20.00  in food that's gone bad, but the Consumer Watch Team stumbled across a few ways to make your food last longer without spoiling the taste.

Take cottage cheese for instance. It gets moldy from little spores that get inside when you open the container.  To prevent all that, turn the package upside down. As for regular cheese, you can keep it fresh with white vinegar and a few sugar cubes. All you do is put the vinegar on a paper towel, place it in a container with the sugar and then add your cheese.

You can keep your milk fresh just by dropping in a pinch or two of baking soda. For eggs, simply rub a little vegetable oil on them. It seals the pores and keeps the eggs fresh for three to five extra weeks.

Now, who doesn't have produce that goes bad? For veggies like celery, wrap them up in aluminum foil. This will keep it colder and stay crisp for days longer.