Mourning a Legend, Richard Quick Passes Away

The Auburn University family is mourning a great loss. Perhaps the best swim coach in history, Auburn's Richard Quick, passed away last night from complications of an inoperable brain tumor.

"We have a wall of olympians stacked up that is second to none in the country," said Coach Quick of his swimmers, back in August of 2008.

When Coach Quick spoke about his athletes or the pool, the spark or electricity that made him the best swim coach in history, was there for all to see.

"He is probably the finest man I have every known," stated Jay Jacobs.

Jacobs, Auburn's athletic director, is struggling with the loss of his friend.

"We are just fighting through it. He was a God fearing man. We are praying for his family to find comfort to get them through this," he said.

With Quick's passing, the swimming community has lost a feared competitor and a beloved mentor.

"It was truly a blessing to have a chance to work with him," said Jacobs.

Quick won 13 NCAA championships, more than any other coach and led three olympic teams.

Jacobs explained that Coach Quick, proved you could win championships and do it right. With respect, character and class at the highest level. Perhaps that character came from Quick's relationship with God.

"That's where Richard is today. He is rejoicing, while all of us. We are going to miss him. The Lord has got himself an unbelievable swim coach," he said.

Jacob has faith, Coach Quick is walking...or maybe even swimming...with his maker.

Coach Quick was 66 years old. He leaves behind a wife and three children.