Cessna Announces New Layoffs

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) --  Production is down and so is demand, forcing one of the nation's leading manufacturers in aviation to slash its workforce in half.

Since November, Cessna Aircrafts has laid off 6,900 workers company wide.

Now, the Kansas based company has revealed they are letting another 1,300 workers go.

Just two weeks ago, CEO Jack Pelton announced there would be another reduction in staff and today's announcement only put a number on the bad news.

Director of Corporate Communications Doug Oliver tells Fox 54 the cutbacks will impact all of Cessna's facilities, including their plant in Columbus.

Next week, 800 workers, mostly in production, will be notified.

Then, Cessna will start a previously scheduled four week furlough, shutting down all of its production lines. Deliveries will still be made to customers during that time.

After that, another 500 workers will get their layoff notices.

Officials can't yet say how many local employees will get their pink slips but they can confirm the Columbus facility will be affected by this latest downgrade.

This time last year, Cessna employed 667 local folks. After layoffs in January and April, there's close to 450 people working in Columbus, waiting to see if they'll stay or go.

On top of everything, Cessna is also planning an additional three week company wide furlough that will be up to each individual department and manager to institute by the end of the year.

Oliver said all of the layoffs are "essentially permanent" and that no recall system is in place. He says when the economy rebounds, the company hopes the workers will reapply for the jobs.

Officials could not say when they would know numbers for Columbus but we'll continue to follow the story and bring you the latest.