1400+ People Show Up for NCR Job Fair

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  The line snaked thru the parking lot, down Veterans Parkway and around the corner as more than 1,400 people waited their turn for a shot with NCR.

The Fortune 500 company held its first round of hiring at the Columbus Career Center Saturday.

"I've been here since 7 AM and line's been wrapped around to the corner store," said applicant Dejarius Walton.

"I've been waiting about two hours now. I hope I can make it inside before it closes," Darrell Gordon said.

For many it was worth the wait, like Valerie Cosby.

"I'm hoping to get in and get this job because I'm commuting right now. I'm driving two-and-a-half hours to Lawrenceville," she said.

"I used to do this kind of work and this is going to be a good paying job so I figured I should at least try," said Michael Muldrew.

"I haven't worked since May. I did work for Cessna Aircraft and I got laid off," James Jones said.

With local unemployment numbers climbing up to 8.3 percent, officials at the Career Center were prepared for a turnout like this.

Manager Dianne Jenkins said, "We were expecting it and actually our staff arrived at 6:30 AM and we went and started early so that we can have people processed and on their way as quickly as possible."

Once they got inside, folks handed over their resume and application to screeners who asked them a series of questions provided by NCR.

A year of experience is key as the company is working to fill 53 production assembly and material handler spots as soon as possible.

With this massive turnout and only a certain number of positions being filled, the big question is will NCR and the Department of Labor keep resumes on file for future openings? The answer is yes.

"Initially we are recruiting for 53 positions but we know NCR will have positions open in the near future so we will review those qualified applicants and continue calling those individuals in for the next phase. We don't want people to feel that being here today with so many people and there's only 53 positions and that they're not going to be considered because that's not right. They are going to be considered," Jenkins added.

Those qualified may be hearing good news very soon.

"Tomorrow we will actually be here, not to see individuals but our staff will be here. We'll be reviewing those applications and we will start calling people for the next phase," Jenkins said.

That's music to many ears.

"It's all a risk. You just have to take a chance. Nothing beats a failure but a try. That's what my parents used to say," said optimistic Darrell Gordon.

Officials with the Department of Labor couldn't say today when another job fair will be held or what positions will be filled next.

For an updated list of upcoming hiring events and openings, you can go to http://www.dol.state.ga.us/.