Kids answers to "If I Were President"

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email | Twitter

AMERICUS, GA (WTVM) - We all have ideas of what we would do if we had the honor of being President of the United States and one group of third graders from Sarah Cobb Academy in Americus answered that question and got rewarded for it.

The school's literary coach, Tina Cook explained, "It was a statewide competition and she had 15,000 participants. They were to select three winners -- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in their classroom on two topics: they could talk about what they would do if they were president or what they would take to the White House if they went as the president."

Third grade teacher, Angeli Smith told News Leader Nine, "We were teaching persuasive writing and it really fell in line with what we were doing."

"My essay was about helping the community be a great nation. Helping people who need help and get people to work together to find new homes," said Sarah Cobb Academy's finalist, Ka'Nijah Foster.

Bre'Asia King was the school's first place winner. She described her essay to News leader Nine, "The thing I would do if I were president, I would write stimulus checks to everyone in the United States."

"They enjoyed getting to pretend they were president for a day and say what they would do. The stimulus check was a big thing they wanted to do," said Smith.

The other third grade finalist, Za'Nigel Stevens said, "I would help build hospitals and build homes for people who don't have them."

Ka'Nijah was happy but surprised with the honor, "I didn't know I'd be in the top three of the contest but I tried my best and I made it."

Smith added, "I have enjoyed working with them in writing. They are very creative. Hopefully they'll be able to win more awards in the future."