School Officials Want to Crack Down on Cell Phones

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Muscogee County School District Officials are considering a major crackdown on students cell phone use.

At their planning conference Saturday, the Board of Education discussed harsher consequences for students caught using their phone during the school day.

Under the proposal, a student would have their phone confiscated after one offense, detention after a second, an in-school suspension after a third, and 2-day suspension following a fourth offense.

Educators say cell phones are being used to cheat and are interfering with the learning process.

"While we want our students to have access to telephones, to have contact with their parents outside of the school day, it's so important we stress that the main reason our teachers are there, our students are there, and our administrators are there, is our core mission and that's the education of our children and they're using the phones to text in class," said School District spokeswoman Valerie Fuller.

Some board members expressed concern over students missing class and others thought the first offense should be harsher so students would think twice before becoming a repeat offender.

The board are fine-tuning the proposal and going over legalities. They will discuss the possible changes at their next board meeting before taking a vote.