Car in Carver Lake

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Before noon Monday emergency crews were called out to the lake at Carver Park with reports that a car was at the bottom of the lake. Diving teams were sent in to recover the SUV and look for victims.

Fox 54was on the scene and spoke with Captain Jeffrey Victor with the Columbus Fire Department. He said, "We received a call late this morning of a vehicle in the lake. Our job is to handle search and rescue so we dispatched a fire truck and a ladder truck with the boat you saw here."

After clearing the area, rescue teams went to work looking for anyone in or around the underwater auto.

Capt. Victor explained, "They went out and did a recon to search for a victim first. No victim was found so we decided to get a license plate number so we could see the status of the vehicle. That's being handled by the police department."

Victor says the next step was getting that car out of the lake, "We attached the tack line to the vehicle with a tow cable. We put it on the Lincoln SUV and pulled it out."

Divers searched the area for more than an hour, but were relieved they did not find any bodies in the lake.

"All in all it was just a vehicle recovery and not a rescue," added Victor.

No word yet on who the SUV belonged to or if the owners even knew it was stolen. Columbus police are still running the plates to try and match an owner with the SUV.