Shelnutt asks to dismiss 36 of 40 counts

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Prominent Columbus attorney Mark Shelnutt is attempting to swat down 36 out of 40 grand jury indictments handed down against him.

Tuesday, Shelnutt asked U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land to dismiss more than 30 counts.  He is accused of money laundering, witness tampering and attempted bribery -- all connected to one of the biggest drug busts Columbus has ever seen, netting nearly $38 million in narcotics and cash.

Regarding counts 3 and 4, or those relating to the money laundering charge, Shelnutt claims the indictment should be dismissed because specific surrounding dates, locations, amounts of money and persons involved were not included.

Last week, Mark Shelnutt filed a motion to unseal federal court records from past court cases involving Torrance Hill and several other defendants represented by Shelnutt. The motion noted that such documents are needed in order for the defense to move forward with preparation.

In addition, Shelnutt filed a motion to dismiss two counts of false statements -- counts 39 and 40. The false statements were allegedly made to an FBI agent in a taped conversation. These motions have yet to be decided on.

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