Economy Forcing Some "Mom and Pops" Out of Business

Another East Alabama business is closing its doors. While thousands won't loose their jobs.... customers say it'll be a huge loss to the hunting community.

For 18 years Tracy Lowry, owner and co-founder of Locums Outdoor Sports, has been helping hunters like Bob Washington get ready for the seasons.

"Tracy is the local bow expert. He sets them up and gets them to shoot straight when the rest of us can't figure out how to do it, we are going to miss him, lots of hunters are going to miss Tracy," said Washington.

At Locums, you can buy anything an outdoor enthusiasts could ever need and patrons say locums is more than a store, it's a gathering place, where you can share stories and pictures of that memorable hunt.

"I'm going to miss that, I love hearing their stories and seeing their pictures," said Lowry.

The tight economy has forced many families to set priorities to make ends meet. They are cutting back on nonessentials like hobbies and recreation.

"With the economy the way it is today we can't make it anymore we had some competition move in with Academy and Dicks and we can't make it anymore," Lowry said.

Lowry has slashed prices to move inventory out and will close his doors in a couple of weeks.Washington and customers are hoping Locums will open when the economy rebounds.

Lowry, who will now have the time to do some hunting of his own, isn't ruling anything out.

"I appreciate the customers coming in for the past 18 years, maybe I can serve you again in the future," he said.

Locums will close in the next few weeks.