Celia Road Speeding Complaints

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - "They don't stop on the road they come right through your yard. One guy came right here and ran into my fence and almost hit my car and just ran off."

Johnny Hogland is one of several residents on Celia drive complaining about speeders.

"They come flying around the corner and I guess they just lose it. Its only 15 mph and most of them are going 40 or 50," he adds.

Neighbors tell us the city has had to replace a telephone three times this year.

One resident's mailbox was knocked completely off its foundation by a speeding driver.

City accident reports show four wrecks in the past few months alone here at the Rosewood intersection.

We took residents complaints to the Director Of Engineering, Donna Newman.

"We went out and investigated the current conditions and decided some of the signage out there was kind of old and faded so we have replaced some of the signs that are in place and we have added additional signage," says Newman.

The city has also made signs for residents to place in their front yards to alert drivers to slow down.

The city is also planning to add some raised pavement makers.

"We need speed bumps so they will slow down right here at the end," says Hogland.

"We will be doing additional studies to see if more measures are needed," added Newman.

If you feel you have a speeding problem in your neighborhood, the city now has a new process in place to take those complaints. City officials will actually come to your neighborhood and conduct a speeding study. The only thing they ask of the neighborhood is residents sign a petition.