Local Man Charged in Murder

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - What started as an exchange of words turned deadly for former Lee County Sheriff's Deputy and Fort Benning civilian contractor Scott Drago.

Columbus investigators say the 36-year-old Phenix City man and pulled into the parking lot of the Veterans Parkway Waffle House early Sunday.

Twenty-one-year-old Dustin Horton was standing there with some friends and told Drago he didn't like the way that he pulled into the parking lot and that he almost hit him and his friends.

Drago denied doing anything wrong and went inside to eat.

Police say Horton went in and lured the victim backed outside, saying he wanted to talk.

Out in the parking lot, officials say Horton "sucker-punched" Drago in the head, catching him off guard and sending him to the pavement.

Drago hit hard, causing massive head injuries.

He was taken to the Medical Center and pronounced dead late Sunday night.

Authorities arrested Dustin Horton, a Seale resident, in Russell County Tuesday afternoon, extraditing him to Columbus and charging him with murder.

Investigators are calling the incident a tragedy for both families involved.

Police say Dustin Horton will have a Recorder's Court appearance within the next two days.

They say they don't expect to make any other arrests in connection with this crime.