Fireworks Stands

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - With fewer folks hitting the road this 4th of July, many may decide to beef up their plans at home.  This could mean spending more on things like food and fireworks.  Newsleader 9 spoke with some small fireworks stands in Alabama and Georgia to see what business has been like.

Mikel Barton's bag is full of enough fireworks to maybe light up his whole neighborhood, and certainly enough for his family 4th of July party.

"Got a few friends coming over, we're gonna have a fish fry, go fishing today and tomorrow, shoot off some fireworks tomorrow, what Saturday evening," says Barton who even admits to overspending.

"We spent a little bit more money than we needed to, but it's all for fun, it only happens one time a year or so!"

Barton is exactly the kind of customer, small fireworks shop owners are hoping will hit their stands this week.

With fewer folks traveling, owners say they'd love for consumers to spend that extra money on fireworks.

"We're hoping they come here, yes," says Cindy Flowers, owner of Big Mama's Fireworks on Hwy. 280 near Smith's Station, Alabama.

Danny Swartz has been selling fireworks for 30 years and he says, people are still shopping, they're just not spending quite as much.

"Little stuff, lot of little stuff. Lot of kids stuff, poppers, little, fire crackers, not much big stuff," says Swartz.

Despite being a little slow throughout the week, all of the owners we spoke with say, the closer it gets to the holiday, the more traffic they expect inside the store.

"3rd and 4th, it gets really busy in here," says David Folds who runs a fireworks tent at the intersection of Veteran's Pkwy. and Whittlesey Blvd. in Columbus.