New GA law: Parents have option to choose child's school

Georgia House Bill 251

Press Release

COLUMBUS, GA - It's a new law that gives Georgia parents the right to choose the school their child can attend. House Bill 251 currently in effect gives them that option. "We want parents to understand that it is a new Georgia Law. They can choose a school other than the school of assignment, and by that we mean based on their home address as to what is their legal residence, says Muscogee County School Spokesperson Valerie Fuller."

According to Fuller this new law gives parents more options of where their children can attend school. But there are some restrictions parents need to know. One of the things that's included in this House Bill 251, transportation is not an appeal is not available under House Bill 251, says Fuller".

Students in Muscogee County will be selected using a lottery. Fuller say students can attend the schools of their choice only if there's space available. The schools you see with an "X" next to them have space available. "Students are basically selected on a lottery. Their names are input after House Bill request form is put in according to the available space and then names are chosen, based on the number of spaces available," says Fuller.

Parents who are interested in applying must complete and submit a House Bill 251 registration form. The form is available at any school in the district or at the central registration office. they'll be accepted from July 1st through July 17th.

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Source: Muscogee County Schools