Murder Suspect Released After 4 Years

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -Free at last...after four years in the Muscogee County Jail for a crime he says he didn't commit, Linsey Favors wouldn't even stop for our cameras, giving us an interview on the run.

"I'm just trying to get home to my daughter and family and get this over with. I am really trying to get as far away from this jail as I can. I am just happy the Lord worked in my favor, and now I am trying to get home," said Favors.

You can't blame him--Favors says he was wrongly accused of the murder of 76-year-old Vera Braswell.

She was found stabbed to death inside the freezer of her produce stand at the local farmer's market back in 2004.

Favors' lawyers say the evidence that ultimately helped freeze prosecution was uncovered at the beginning of the investigation, and no one acted on it.

Many had stepped forward saying Favors was staying with them at the time of the crime, in addition to medical records showing he was in the hospital recovering from an illness.

The defense didn't feel comfortable coming forward with the information because of comments allegedly made by then District Attorney Gray Conger.

"In my meetings with Mr. Conger, he was quite frankly to the point where he said, 'Yea, I understand there are problems with the case, but I would rather let a jury turn him loose then have it be on me,'" said Boyd Anderson, one of Favors' lawyers.

It took a new District Attorney to finally put the case on the dead docket, citing legal and factual reasons for the decision.

This free man is not totally off the hook, though. If new evidence emerges, the case can still be brought back to life.

"Our office will continue to work on the case, and if we can develop things to a point that we feel we can go to trial with it, we will do that, whether it be against Mr. Favors or another individual," said Don Kelly, the assistant District Attorney prosecuting the case.